Portable learning

Portable learning
We homeschool so we can travel with Piwi Daddy. He needs to be on location to sort out technology issues. Some of our relocations are short (six weeks) and some are much longer (18 months). We live simply so that we can all be together and make the most of the learning experiences in each location.
Our Portable curriculum consists of all our texts, workbooks, basic manipulatives . It all needs to fit into a 15 Gallon plastic storage bin. When we ‘go portable’ everything else is in storage including our workboxes and beloved home library. We just rely more on the local libraries in our destination and the dollar shop for cheap art supplies. This last move, however, I resolved to find a way to find our workboxes everywhere (except vacation). They make life so much more pleasant that next I will be tying them to the roof of the car if I have too!

Curriculum for 2013/14 coming soon


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